Alvin Community College
Alvin Community College | Houston, Texas
Norma Lahart-Cloyd | DCE

We changed from DataArc to ClinicalTrac in August of 2017. I took a chance going with a new company, but I have not regretted it. I worked closely with Henry and Charles to set up our system so that it was tailored to our needs. Charles was up and monitoring our progr...

Concorde Career College
Concorde Career College | Garden Grove, California
Diana McKey | DCE

I want to give a huge shout out to Clinical TracTM. Clinical TracTM has been very accommodating to the needs of a college respiratory therapy program. Hands down the best customer service around. Henry and his team have been super helpful with teaching and directing me on the ease...

Daytona State College
Daytona State College | Daytona Beach, Florida
Misty Carlson | DCE

Our program just went through our CoArc Accreditation a couple of weeks ago.  I have used Clinical TracTM for our documentation system for about a 1 1/2 years.  The new updates especially with IRR reporting have been very beneficial and the site visitors really liked seeing that we had...

Laurel Technical Institute
Laurel Technical Institute | Sharon, Pennsylvania
Jodylynn Rolla | DCE

Clinical TracTM has been a welcome, up to date clinical tracking system for our Respiratory Therapy students here at Laurel Technical institute. The GPS tracking feature is very accurate and the students are able to clock in and out using the Clinical TracTM App on their...

Madison College
Madison College | Madison, Wisconsin
Chris Becker | DCE

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San Joaquin Valley College
San Joaquin Valley College | Temecula, California
Jeff Rutherford | PD

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