Concorde Career College | Diana McKey | DCE

Concorde Career College 06/04/2022
I want to give a huge shout out to Clinical TracTM. Clinical TracTM has been very accommodating to the needs of a college respiratory therapy program. Hands down the best customer service around. Henry and his team have been super helpful with teaching and directing me on the ease of use to the program. For a person who was and still is computer illiterate this program is easy to use. Any glitches or upgrades Henry has always been able to be a call away. Anytime. Henry also takes the time to help students with their issues. If it is something as easy as explaining how to clock out or how to sign off competencies on their phone or laptop. The team never shows frustration and is patient with each member of my team or students. No matter how many times it needs to be done. Henry communicates effectively and in a timely manner.