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Why Clinical Trac


1) At a glance our Dashboard allows you to quickly view Clock-ins, Attendance, Doctor Interactions and Check-offs performed.


2) Easily track Student and Instructors Immunizations, Certifications and other Documents.


3) Clinical Trac comes preloaded with over 70 competencies and 6 Evaluations.


4) One login, as the Administrator your login allows you to view access as the Clinical Instructor, Student or any other User.


5) User friendliness, to help you reduce the learning curve an Avatar like me will direct you to access videos and PDF's specifically created for training on every role.


6) If you are using paper, well now is a great time for you to start working smarter. You will be amazed at how much time you will save when using Clinical Trac.


7) We are the first platform that provides you with a tool to simplify IRR, Monitoring, Improvement and Remediation.

Our Approach

Your Clinical Trac Online Clinical Management Tool is supported by a dedicated team of SPECIALISTS, trained to answer every question about our system and how it can be used in combination with your current documentation and tracking processes. Full customer support is also included in your subscription, including automatic updates and upgrades.

Streamline Your Clinical Workflow

Clinical Trac is built to simplify processes and manage the significant areas of your clinical program, including collecting and analyzing data on inter-rater reliability, clocking in and out, procedures, check-offs, physician and preceptor interactions, student and clinical evaluations, accreditation reporting and survey data, and much more.
In addition the system also provides a centralized area to manage and share clinical documents, a collaborative appointment scheduler to create daily, weekly, monthly and semester-long schedules for clinical affiliates, faculty, and students, along with other supportive features to make the transition back and forth from college to clinical sites seamless and efficient.


You know that clinical experience is a crucial part of health care education. You also know there is a lot of clinical information to obtain and coordinate, from daily journaling to immunization information management...
Health care educational programs must answer to their accreditation bodies, in the form of annual reports and other required documentation. Clinical Trac contains modules to help manage accreditation reporting...
All of your communities of interest require frequent (and, in some cases, real-time) status reports. Clinical Trac not only allows you to manage all the needed information in one place— it also allows you to provide useful, succinct reports that help inform and guide students and clinical sites...


Doctor Interaction

Enter Dr. Interaction notation manually or utilize text to speech technology on your Mobile Device

Daily Journal

Enter Daily Journals manually into the Mobile App or utilize text to speech technology on your Mobile Device


View Attendance History, Clocking In and Out, instantly record GPS Location and the ability to Add Exceptions

PEF Check Off

View the History of PEF Checkoffs performed including student sign-off status

Procedure Counts

View Procedure Counts by Category, display check off steps or view history of Procedure Counts performed

Medical Terminology

Search by keyword to read or listen to audio files of Medical Terminology