San Joaquin Valley College | Jeff Rutherford | PD

I have been a Clinical TracTM customer for nearly 7 years. I introduced the college, I previously worked for, to this online clinical management tool. Prior to an online tool, they were using a myriad of paper-based methodologies to track all clinical performance, attendance and competency data. The team at Clinical TracTM created a custom profile for each of our campus locations to meet the unique needs of the individual programs. Needless to say, Clinical TracTM made quick work of getting our programs administratively more efficient. It was very easy to create the necessary reports required for demonstrating evidentiary documentation for the CoARC visits that have occurred over the years. The GPS location is very accurate and the customer service has been exceptional. When our needs changed, Henry and Charles were there to support and make changes on their end to accommodate those needs. I have always been very pleased with their product, as well as, the level of service commitment I have been provided. It was a real game changer for the college. Thank you Clinical TracTM and thank you Henry!