You know that clinical experience is a crucial part of health care education. You also know there is a lot of clinical information to obtain and coordinate, from daily journaling to immunization information management. Clinical TracTM provides the system to help you accomplish anything you need to do, with advanced tools that are customizable and designed to improve the overall experience of your st...


Health care educational programs must answer to their accreditation bodies, in the form of annual reports and other required documentation. Clinical TracTM contains modules to help manage accreditation reporting. These include survey tools to collect data from students, graduates, employers, and other communities of interest, as well as the supporting profile management tools to allow you to store a...


All of your communities of interest require frequent (and, in some cases, real-time) status reports. Clinical TracTM not only allows you to manage all the needed information in one place— it also allows you to provide useful, succinct reports that help inform and guide students and clinical sites.


Clinical TracTM can now communicate with Canvas. This time saving ability is now ready, all of the data related to the students experience (Attendance, Checkoffs, Case Study, Daily Journal, Evaluations (Clinical Instructor, Daily/Weekly, Hospital Site, Mid-Term, Summative, Formative and Volunteer) and Incidents can now be setup to sync directly into Canvas.