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Clinical Trac Online Clinical Management Tool.


Is your clinical management a manual
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Try Clinical Trac Online Clinical Management Tool!
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Respiratory Care Features

Flexible Setup

  • Use current forms, modify them, or insert your own
  • Select from a wide variety of modules to meet your college's specific needs

Simplified Accreditation Management

  • Update competencies when AARC Clinical Practice Guidelines change
  • Conduct CoARC surveys with ease
  • Manage all data needed for annual and self-study reports
  • Perform IRR with precision, allowing for rapid, accurate correction


Comprehensive Clinical Management

  • Easy-to-use tracking tools increase student and clinical site accuracy and compliance
  • Adjust clinical scheduling, reporting, and documentation rapidly across all clinical sites

Real Time Data Analysis

  • Track attendance easily
  • At the click of a button view student immunization records
  • Review journals, procedure counts and check-offs, and make needed adjustments promptly
  • Instant access to student evaluations assures no issues get missed

Clinical Trac in 30 Minutes or Less

Clinical Trac Student Overview Video

Presentation is 6.27 min. in length

Clinical Trac DCE Overview Video

Presentation is 8.43 min. in length

Clinical Trac Preceptor Overview Video

Presentation is 7.25 min. in length

Seamless Integration with Metrics and Dashboards

Metrics and Dashboards

Real-time, useful, succinct status reports are always available, pulled directly from the data as it is entered in the clinical sites. This allows college faculty, students and clinical sites to respond quickly to trends and make mid-course corrections as needed.

Why Clinical Trac

Clinical Trac has been tailored to meet and exceed your specific respiratory care clinical management requirements. No matter what your needs are, Clinical Trac has what you are looking for in a clinical management tool.