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Clinical Trac Online Clinical Management Tool.


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Respirtory Tracking Services


  • - Online, Multi-Platform Tool
  • - Security Designed with FERPA and HIPAA in Mind
  • - Simplified (yet Sophisticated) Clinical Administration
  • - More Time to Focus on Needs of Clinical Sites and Students
  • - Rapid Feedback Allows Improved Student Clinical Performance
  • - Real-Time Data Analysis Ensures Clinical Sites, Students, and College Are Always Kept Informed
  • - Performance Evaluations Integrated with Rapid Analysis and Feedback simplifies IRR Monitoring and Improvement
  • - Thorough Contact Management Combined with Survey Capability Streamlines Annual Accreditation Report Completion
  • - Improved Compliance with Documentation Requirements
  • - All-In-One Data Management System
  • - Dashboard Display
  • - Less Paper
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