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Clinical Trac PARTNERClinical Trac has partnered with key companies to address complex challenges.

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Advanced Pro Technologies

Advanced Pro Technologies – 888.440-7246
As your strategic partner, APT assists clients in achieving breakthrough results through industry leading consulting, assessments, training, and coaching services.

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CG Merchant Services

C&G Merchant Services — 214.206.1161
Provides competitive merchant rates for accepting Amex, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.
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ClinicalTrac LMS

Clinical Trac LMS — 888.856.9772
Provides an innovative and collaborative learning environment within which Students are
engaged and stimulated resulting in growth, progress, and success.
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HR chex

HR chex — 469.595.7085
Provides a Simple, Accurate and Cost Effective service for background checks and
drug screening. Whether you want to pay or the Student the online process is easy.
Get your instant background check starting today!

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PC Matic

PC Matic
Provides superior computer security protection and optimization over all security
products, free or otherwise, on the market. On top of that, PC Matic is Made In
America to keep your computers running at peak performance even after years of use.
Benefits of PC Matic includes: Fileless Ransomware Detection, Adware Blocking, Closes
Software Vulnerabilities, Blocks Modern Polymorphic Threats, and more.

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Property Transactor

Property Transactor — 323.301.3959
Provides an online platform to simplify sending, receiving and managing maintenance
requests on properties from outside vendors.
Start managing your maintenance vendors better and sign up today!

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Vent World

Vent World — 888.555.1212
Provides everything Educators and Respiratory Therapist needs to know about all
types of Ventilators and Mechanical Ventilation. The premier source of ventilator
product and supplier information, news, discussion, education, tools and ventilation
resources for the respiratory and critical care communities!
The one place that keeps everyone connected to the technology!

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