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Clinical Trac Online Clinical Management Tool.


about our company

Located in North Dallas, Texas, Clinical Trac is dedicated to providing a clinical management tool that's easy to use and more efficient through scalable, enterprise-wide solutions.

Our parent company, C&G Technical Group, was established in February 2001, and is dedicated to designing solutions that support success.

our mission

To create an EFFICIENT online clinical management tool EMPOWERING health science educational programs for ESSENTIAL success.

At Clinical Trac, we work hard to deliver the most advanced online clinical management tool on the market by combining best-in-class software with unparalleled customer support, an outstanding community and valuable industry resources.

Other solutions are coming soon. Should you have an interest in becoming one of our subject matter experts (SMEs), feel free to send us an email at and someone from our staff will be in touch with you.

our team

The Clinical Trac team is made up of the best in the business. Our group of talented programmers, web developers, and subject matter experts (SMEs), which has over 30 years experience in the industry, has joined together to create Clinical Trac. You will find few online clinical management tools out there, and none have been designed by such an expert team, or one whose members know exactly what's needed by colleges to manage clinical instruction.

Whatever type of health care program you wish to manage , Clinical Trac has been tailored to meet and exceed your specific requirements. All of the modules at your disposal are geared towards clinical reporting and management. No matter what your needs are, Clinical Trac has what you are looking for in a clinical management tool.